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If that was me, I'd kill the little tart who took the pic! But then, I wouldn't be climbing through a barbed-wire fence in a dress...

Funny Family Photo: Diver. Looks like a cannon ball is coming on. Look out below and shelter little children from the big wave?

. . . Life is composed not of the days, which have passed, but of the moments you have remembered . . .

Leni Riefenstahl, The last of the Nuba 1976. Leni Riefenstahl documented in the remote valleys of the central Sudan among the Nuba tribe, 1962-1977. Her work has unique anthropological and cultural-historical importance, as the Nuba's way of life approached its end, primarily through the advance of civilization.

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Phone Booth, A Little Girl Stands on Bike, Phone Picture Photo

"Phone Booth" - kids today cannot imagine a world without cell phones, without answering machines, and without texts. You could not instantly get in touch with each other, or leave a message if you missed someone from a pay phone.