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I need him

It's called the "teddy bear dog." Half shih-tzu and half bichon frise. In Canada we refer to the Shih-Tzu and Bichon Frise cross as Mollydogs instead of teddy bear dogs. I have two of them and they are wonderful.

Wow !!!! This is Simba, a Leonberger. This type of dog can weigh up to 170 pounds, but they're very loyal and disciplined. I would love to cuddle with this gentle giant.

Meet Simba, a German mountain dog who belongs to a giant breed called "Leonberger". These magnificent creatures can weigh 170 pounds, but are incredibly disciplined, loyal, and gentle. I WOULD THINK WAY MORE THAN 170 POUNDS!

Poof! by mrs. sparkle

Image via Maltipoo Image via Maltipoo ( Maltese and Miniature/Toy Poodle mix); Top 5 Most Cute Dog Breeds Image via Maltipoo Image via I'm under his spell.

Golden doodle puppy; waaay too cute!


Mini golden-doodle, look at that face. Iwant a big dog, but a puppy forever is hard to resist

It’s Called The “Teddy Bear Dog”. Half Shih-Tzu And Half Bichon Frise

And this teeny tiny adventurer who is an ACTUAL teddy bear. 27 Puppies Who Are Too Cute To Be Real

Little, stripy dog babies

Little, stripy dog babies.

a golden retriever pup in pajamas = cutest thing ever OMG! I can't even with those PJ's!

actuallygrimes: the tibetan mastiff - the most amazing dog i have ever seen.

My next bear! Tibetan Mastiff puppy - Cute puppy of Tibetan Mastiff dog being huge looking like a bear. Would like to hug this dog!

Cute puppy and dog: Precious! "It's called the "teddy bear dog". Half shih-tzu and half bichon frise.

Teddy bear dog // Half shih-tzu and half bichon frise. I want one so bad!