The Train To Crazy: Handmade Dress Up: DIY No Sew Iridescent Fairy Wings Tutorial

These Wings That Will Make Your Kid At Least LOOK Angelic. | 24 DIY Fairy, Dragon, And Butterfly Wings For Kids

DIY fairy wings prolly cheaper to buy at the dollarama... pin a pair or two to the wall (along with the tinkerbell halloween costume)...

Cutest 100% Handmade Tinker Bell Costume ... This website is the Pinterest of costumes

Oh my gosh this little Peter Pan costume is so cute!! To see how to DIY, visit

11 Ideas for Pretty Pumpkins • Tutorials and Ideas! Including, from 'instructables', Great instructions on making this beautiful tinker bell carved pumpkin.

Garden Fairy Halo...dude. I have been making these for fricken YEARS. They were a best seller at Art in the Park!

Fairy girls ;) -Instructions on how to make your own fairy wings... -layered fairy wings, photo by Relache

fairy wing tutorial for chloe

Happily Grim: Steampunk Tinkerbell! Very, very detailed tutorial for everything from the wings to making paper look old. :D

11 Tips on How to Make Fairy Wings - wikiHow

My DIY Tinkerbell fairy wings turned out great! They have a titanium frame with a layer of iridescent and clear cellophane over the top making them super light but also sturdy :)

Tinker Bell Deluxe Disney Tinkerbell Adult Green by RedstarCosplay, $118.00


Oh, Susan, please make more of these gorgeous wings! We adore them so much!

Fantasy Film Wing Tutorial by ~Flying-Fox on deviantART | this is a really helpful tutorial on making iridescent fairy wings out of wire and special film. Great for costumes!