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c. 1935 - The offices of the Nazi newspaper Der Stürmer in the Free City of Danzig. The anti-Semitic poster in the window reads ‘Die Juden sind unser Unglück!’ (The Jews are our misfortune!).

Hungry civilians of Catania scramble for rations being doled out by an RAF airman following the occupation of the city by the Allies on 5 August 1943. Victor Sierra

1940 London at War - Rescue Workers London 1940 Rescue workers clearing the ruins of buildings destroyed during German air attack against the city.

Am 19. September 1939 zieht der Führer unter dem Geläut der Glocken und dem glücklichen Jubel der Danziger in das von ihm befreite Danzig ein.

This book took place in Kraków, Poland in the 1930's, during World War 2, when the Nazis invaded Poland. This city was later walled in, and became known as the Krakow "ghetto", as it was described in the story.