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    • Aimee Dumazot

      1944, Luxembourg, Merzig, POWs allemands de la "352. Volksgrenadier Division" | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    • Kevin Keller

      German POWs belonging to 352. Volksgrenadier Division await processing by US troops somewhere in Belgium, 1944.

    • Tassos S

      German prisoners belonging to 352.Volksgrenadier Division, surrendered to the Allies in the town of Merzig in Luxembourg, Dec 24, 1944. The prefix "Volks" indicates a formation manned by a mix of too young and too old reservists.

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    Fall of Saigon, April 1975: SV refugees, airlifted to US Navy flattop, are led to shelter. The evacuation was as chaotic as nearly a failure.

    Vietnam War: Take cover. Never pleasant. Often lethal.

    Vietnam War: Time for chow. Taste? Average.

    Dr Enno Lolling (2nd from left) was the director of the Office for Sanitation and Hygiene in the Inspectorate of Concentration Camps. Among his other bestialities, he ordered prisoners killed and their tattoos preserved to send to Berlin. He also authorized experiments to shrink cadaver heads. He thankfully committed suicide in 1945. On the right of the photo is Rudolf Hoess, the notorious Auschwitz commandant.

    "We Workers Have Awakened", a Nazi Party 1932 Reichstag election poster. Note the malignant depiction of a stereotyped Jew whispering into the ear of a Communist. Also darkly amusing is the mini-poster held by the Communist, which reads, in part: "The Bigshots in Ham [i.e., with plenty of food]", but "The Common People in Shit", in German a rhyme of "Speck" and "Dreck", the latter a Yiddish-tinged word in place of "Scheiße".

    Hermann Pister commanded the Buchenwald concentration camp between 1942 and 1945. He was arrested in 1945 and put on trial. He was convicted to death by hanging but he cheated the hangman by dying of a heart attack in 1948.

    Herbert Kappler was the SS SD chief in Rome during WW2. A war criminal, he was sentenced to life in prison by an Italian court. In 1977, suffering from terminal cancer, he was smuggled out of hospital by his wife in a large suitcase. He was smuggled into West Germany and died the following year, aged 70.

    Senior SS officers in mufti sign German surrender document, Caserta, Italy, 29 April 1945. Mediated by SS-Gen Karl Wolf, former chief of staff of Himmler, the surrender was the first Nazi surrender BEFORE the end of the war and the death of Adolf Hitler.

    Mussolini visits Army Group South shortly after the invasion of Russia. Hitler is host. Field Marshal Gerd von Rundstedt is on the right.That was Mussolini's first and last visit to the Eastern Front.

    Liberation has its benefits for both liberators and liberated. Here, US troops liberate some fine French wine after entering a grateful French village, 1944.

    US Army Rangers ride into town in Sicily in the legendary Jeep. The M1 Garand is the main weapon. 1943.

    East African Campaign, 1940-41: South African troops display captured Italian fascist flag. The campaign ended with the thorough defeat of the Italians.

    1 May 1944 T/Sgt Herbert Miyasaki, Pa'auile, Hawai'i,(left) and T/Sgt Akiji Yoshima, Colusa, California, Japanese-American interpreters with Brigadier General Frank Merrill, commander of Infantry troops in Burma, in Noubaum, Burma.

    German executioners enjoy the death of a Russian nurse. Smiles all round. Murderer nearer the camera seems disinterested, cigarette in hand. Most likely, the photographer said "Cheese!" Callous beasts.

    Herman Goering during his glory days in WW1. A totally different man from the corrupted obese, drug-addicted "marshal" of the Hitler days.

    Vietnam War: Pausing for a smoke.

    Vietnam War: Everybody in the squad gave a hand in carrying additional ammo.

    As the war took a turn from worse to disastrous, Nazi propaganda warned German civilians what would happen if the Russians came. The tragic irony is that this image wasn't too far removed from what did happen once the Red Army came in contact with the German population.

    Unidentified senior Japanese officer is shot by Chinese executioner (This is not General Tani Masuo, as originally posted,the man who oversaw the Nanking Massacre, and was executed in March 1947 after being found guilty of war crimes by the war tribunal set up by Chiang Kai-shek. Masuo’s executioner was a Chinese veteran who survived the Battle of Nanking.)

    This is one of the most widely circulated photos of Nazi war crimes. A German army officer delivers finishing shots to executed hostages in Pancevo, Yugoslavia. Contrary to postwar claims, the regular German army was as deeply involved in the death of civilians as the SS and other murderer formations.

    Japanese soldiers play with a "doll"-- a human baby impaled with a bayonet. Bestiality at its most brutal. I wouldn't have hesitated to shoot both of these bastards in places that would have made them die a slow death.

    Hitler during the invasion of Poland grabs a quick bite at a field kitchen. A thermos next to his plate most likely contains tea. Hitler wasn't friendly with coffee.

    Tea time. Hitler was quite affable in his relaxed moments. Here, he shares a joke with a lady who obviously appreciates his humor. Partially visible on the left is Dr Morell, Hitler's charlatan doctor.

    Adolf Hitler meets young disciple and future soldier for the Fatherland. His expression -- that of the Father of all Germany -- tells the whole story (that ended in unimaginable horror).

    Hans Frank, the Nazi governor of the part of Poland incorporated into the Reich, receives gifts from the populace on the occasion of a harvest festival in Krakow, 1943.