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  • Tassos S

    Waffen SS Gen. Josef "Sepp" Dietrich decorates men of the Waffen SS Division "Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler."

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Three brothers of the famed 12th SS-Panzer Division Hitlerjugend of the Waffen-SS. 3 x HJ. by Ayame Ekdahl, via Flickr

1945--Sergent Clarence Magariea of Carlisle KY, US Infantryman of the 83rd Division holds two captured German SS troopers at bay against a wall in Sart, Belgium. The crossed legs and defiant look of the one on the right and the exposed film thrown down in the snow in front of them make this an interesting picture. Sart was a town where some American army units fell back to after the last great German offensive of the war...In Sart today there is as modest monument to the 82nd Airborne.

A young SS soldier. Many of those recruits were so young that rather than tobacco and alcohol ration, standard for the German Army, they were given chocolate and sweets.

SS guards of the Dachau concentration camp lie dead next to observation tower B shot by men of the US 42nd Infantry Division. In all, some 500 SS were "neutralized" according to General Eisenhower.

Hitler as a child --- GAH! He even looks evil as a child...

  • My.123 .

    He was ALWAYS ugly...

  • Spinorama by Paúl

    He had a very harsh childhood. I don't defend him,

  • Louis deParis

    His childhood wasn't harsh at all, according the biographies, his mother spoiled him because she was fond of him, but that is no reason to became so evil, it was a free choice of him, on the picture above, he already looks very autoritair and self confident into the camera, evil was born already in his innermost being...

  • Azailya Harman

    I HATE THIS EVIL MONSTER. He doesn't deserve to be called a human. It would be better if we called him an it.

  • leah forever

    How creepy...

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MP Lt. Paul Unger, 2nd Armoured Division, searching the POW SS-Untersturmführer Kurt Peters, III. in the area of ​​Notre Dame de Cenilly of Saint Lô, France. 27 July 1944.

Adolf Hitler visits the city of Eshelbronn after an allied bombing raid in 1944. This is a rare image of the Leader reaching out to see with his own eyes the suffering of the German people. As a matter of routine, Hitler did not take to the streets of bombed cities -- not even Berlin's.

  • Parade ♥

    I get that, but Obama is NOTHING like Hitler. We can argue that he was elected by idiots, but comparing him to Hitler? Really??

  • Mike Davis

    I would very much enjoy engaging in a discussion with you on Hitler = Odummer. But,a 250 word limit just doe's not allow for such a thoughtful discussion. One thought, the people who elected Hitler were motived by hate for a race. Same for Odummer.

  • Parade ♥

    You're basically telling me people voted for Obama because they hate white people? And please stop using "Odummer", I get that you hate him but he does not equal Hitler.

  • Mike Davis

    Due to comment limitation I will use ham radio cw pro-signs in response. look them up on the internet. QSD ur station md kn

  • Alysia

    Hitler was the Americans we have not suffered as the poor souls have who were under Hitlers reign. Please do not compare our president to this monster

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A paratrooper of the 101st Airborne Division at the Kehlsteinhaus, or Eagle’s Nest, once belonging to Adolf Hitler; Berchtesgaden, Germany - May 1945

Hitler in front of "Church of our Lady" in Nuremberg, Sept. 1934. I know this is bad to say, but this is actually a well composed photograph.

  • Kristy Lee

    I agree with Suzie! We can all appreciate the construction of this photo while still having a distaste for Hitler.

  • Julie Price

    Just a shame it's got that prat on it drying his armpit .

  • Shawna Huffine

    Goodness y'all "gross" as in Hitler not the picture.

  • Lissa Waxler

    Hitler himself hated any art made by Jews or indeed anyone he didn't like. Hating him and recognizing the merit of this photo is completely appropriate. Actually it would be a really good example in a classroom!

  • Jennifer Furst Barnett

    Its part of history that everybody needs to know about! Good or bad.

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Franz von Papen (29 October 1879 – 2 May 1969) was a German nobleman, General Staff officer and politician. He served as Chancellor of Germany in 1932 and as Vice-Chancellor under Adolf Hitler in 1933–1934.