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    Waffen SS Gen. Josef "Sepp" Dietrich decorates men of the Waffen SS Division "Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler."

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Three brothers of the famed 12th SS-Panzer Division Hitlerjugend of the Waffen-SS. 3 x HJ. by Ayame Ekdahl, via Flickr

A young SS soldier, likely of the 12th SS Panzer Divison “Hitlerjugend”, a unit that took 43% of the casualties in the Normandy landings. Most were members of the Hitler Youth, earning it the nickname “Baby Division” by the Allies. Many were so young that rather than standard tobacco/ alcohol ration, they were given chocolate and sweets. In just under a year, the 20,540 members of the division had been whittled down to just 10,000, all of whom surrendered at Enns on May 8, 1945.

French SS volunteer proclaims his allegiance to Hitler. The 33rd Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS Charlemagne (1st French) and Charlemagne Regiment were collective names used for units of French volunteers in the Wehrmacht and later Waffen-SS.The French were the last German unit to fight the Russians in a pitched battle around Hitler's chancellery.

An SS soldier of Panzergrenadier Division "Götz von Berlichingen") disguised as a civilian is frisked by a US MP of the 2d Armored Division. Caen, Normandy, France. Photograph by Robert Capa. 1944

MP Lt. Paul Unger, 2nd Armoured Division, searching the POW SS-Untersturmführer Kurt Peters, III. in the area of ​​Notre Dame de Cenilly of Saint Lô, France. 27 July 1944.

A paratrooper of the 101st Airborne Division at the Kehlsteinhaus, or Eagle’s Nest, once belonging to Adolf Hitler; Berchtesgaden, Germany - May 1945

11th Panzer Division on the way to Moscow, Winter of 1941 by GLORY. The largest archive of german WWII images, via Flickr

German soldier. Heavily armed soldier of the Panzer Division Hermann Göring smiling to the camera (Russia, 1944)

Monument Men found artwork Goya's Time of the old women

German soldiers( paratroopers or Waffen SS) obverving enemy .(Normandy 1944)

German recruitment poster Waffen-SS Poster. In the public domain.