Western Desert, 1942: British tank recovery crew scrambles for cover as German gunners open up in the direction of the recovery location. The crew has just loaded a disabled Crusader tank onto the flatbed.

A German tank crew works to get their Panther tank going again....

a German tank crew, August, 1942, steppes outside of Stalingrad. Can he survive the war?

Soviet T-34 Tank Crew

A member of the crew of Protinus FV, a Dutch fishing vessel that was machine gunned and bombed by a German plane on the 8th March 1940, is lowered inside the British sub HMS Unity. The German attack killed 2 of the Protinus crew, the remainder taking to the lifeboat. After 7 very cold days at sea they were eventually spotted at night and rescued in the early morning by HMS Unity.

German Panther tank and crew by GLORY. The largest archive of german WWII images, via Flickr

A British infantryman takes the surrender of the crew of an enemy supply truck in the Western Desert, 2 June 1942.

A US Sherman tank crew reloading their main gun.

Crews love their Tigers I! 24 images you may not have seen before

Erwin Rommel, The Desert Fox, Commander of German forces in North Africa 1942.

November 1942: Members of a German submarine crew are questioned by an American officer at Oran, Algeria, after they beached their vessel on the North African coast when the submarine sustained damage from British depth charges. (Photo by Three Lions/Getty Images)

German mounted troops. Russia 1942.

A British WAAF member 1942

Soviet soldiers take cover with destroyed german tanks in Kursk...

German Tiger Tank

German Panzer IV . Russia 1942 #tanks #worldwar2

Corporal Arthur Garrett of the US 14th Armored Div adds a final flourish to cement filled sand bags on his Sherman tank. There is much debate as to the real protection gained by doing this & Gen.Patton was against it. He thought the added weight slowed the tank & therefore lost it's tactical advantage- speed/maneuverability. It certainly did provide a psychological comfort to the tank crews inside who used such improvised additions. Other crews added timbers & extra tank tracks outside the h...

.British Soldiers Captured in Normandy.Normandy, France -- According to the German caption accompanying this photo received in London from a neutral source, these men are British soldiers who have been captured by the Germans in Normandy..Credit: ACME.Date: 8-1-44

German paratroopers (Fallschirmjäger) share a smoke with the crew of a King Tiger tank somewhere in France, 1944. Note the humongous towing hooks on either side of the tank's chassis plus the ample exhaust pipes.

German soldier POW, 1918.

German tank crews called this ironically 'das Deutches blick' (the German look): by 1944 it was very difficult to move their armour in daylight without attracting the unwelcome attention of allied fighter bombers - primarily Typhoons and P47s.