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    Western Desert, 1942: British tank recovery crew scrambles for cover as German gunners open up in the direction of the recovery location. The crew has just loaded a disabled Crusader tank onto the flatbed.

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A British infantryman takes the surrender of the crew of an enemy supply truck in the Western Desert, 2 June 1942.

Photo from the Western Front. German prisoner captured in the new push, circa 1918

I spent a summer researching and writing a fifteen page paper on this guy...Erwin Rommel, The Desert Fox, Commander of German forces in North Africa 1942. He treated prisoners humanely and refused to kill Jewish prisoners. Forced to commit suicide to save his family because of his part in an assassination attempt on Hitler. -SL Wilhelm

Rommel, The Desert Fox, in North Arica 1942 Erwin Rommel, Commander of German forces in North Africa 1942

Western Pomerania early 1945 in Tsedena sector. men of the 1st Marine-Infantry Division open fire on Soviet positions. This unit was formed in February 1945 in the Stettin area.

Panzer III Desert 1942

Rommel with his aides in the Libyan desert in the spring of 1942.

Members of the Long Range Desert Group in the North-African desert with a Jolly Roger (circa 1942)

21 April '41: Rommel awarded with the Italian Medal for bravery in silver. Few Panzer III Tropen in the foreground. Rommel's leadership of German and Italian forces in the North African campaign established him as one of the most able commanders of the war, and earned him the appellation of the Desert Fox. He is regarded as one of the most skilled commanders of desert warfare in the conflict.

“Desert Warrior” – an RAF pilot stands next to his Curtiss “Kittyhawk” in the Libyan desert in 1942. The aircraft is painted with shark-toothed nose art. Screen print, 1942.

One of the most successful examples of the use of deception tactics in the Western Desert was the use of dummies before the Second Battle of El Alamein. Tanks disguised as trucks were massed in the north while trucks disguised as tanks massed in the south, duping the Germans into committing most of their defensive forces to opposing the dummy tanks while the real tanks attacked in the north. North Africa. 26th of October 1942.

La Résistance française ~ The Maquis - Guerrilla Warfare. The French Resistance played a vital part in aiding the Allies to success in Western Europe - especially leading up to D-Day in June 1944. The French Resistance supplied the Allies with vital intelligence reports as well as doing a huge amount of work to disrupt the German supply and communication lines within France. ~ No glorification, no heroism, just history. by Amsterdam Today via flickr