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A British infantryman takes the surrender of the crew of an enemy supply truck in the Western Desert, 2 June 1942.

I spent a summer researching and writing a fifteen page paper on this guy...Erwin Rommel, The Desert Fox, Commander of German forces in North Africa 1942. He treated prisoners humanely and refused to kill Jewish prisoners. Forced to commit suicide to save his family because of his part in an assassination attempt on Hitler. -SL Wilhelm

  • J P

    He is a legend. A man of honour. A real soldier who understood the wrongdoings of the 3rd Reich.

  • April Cyr

    Legend for sure, also very handsome

  • Justin Smith

    This is my grandfather's uncle had he not done what he did I would not have been able to wright this in one of his journals he wrote I am a Soldier for Germany and her people not Hitler and his symbol

Rommel, The Desert Fox, in North Arica 1942 Erwin Rommel, Commander of German forces in North Africa 1942

Members of the Long Range Desert Group in the North-African desert with a Jolly Roger (circa 1942)

Members of the British Eighth Army fire in the deserts of Libya. July, 1942. Unattributed

4 July 1942: Strategic planning in the desert in Tobruk, North Africa. Field Marshal Rommel talks to the Italian Chief of Staff Cambara (m) and General Calvi (r) about the employment of German and Italian troops to follow the fleeing enemy on the Egyptian border.

BRITISH ARMY NORTH AFRICA 1942 (E 15488) A Humber Mk II armoured car of the 12th Royal Lancers on patrol in the Western Desert, 10 August 1942.

One of the most successful examples of the use of deception tactics in the Western Desert was the use of dummies before the Second Battle of El Alamein. Tanks disguised as trucks were massed in the north while trucks disguised as tanks massed in the south, duping the Germans into committing most of their defensive forces to opposing the dummy tanks while the real tanks attacked in the north. North Africa. 26th of October 1942.

Jack and Chico in the Sahara, 1942 My great grandfather served in North Africa during the second world war. This is a photo of him along with Walter Pearce (Chico) somewhere in the sahara desert (original caption)

Panzerkampfwagen iv, ausf d: icon of western front.

Erwin rommel | Erwin Johannes Eugen Rommel | Flickr - Photo Sharing!