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    La enciclopedia del tercer grado

    TODAS LAS ASIGNATURAS EN UN LIBRO. enciclopedia de 2º grado

    Historic Photographs Of "White" Slaves - Historic photos of "white" slaves from Occupied Louisiana, 1863 and 1864: These children were minority African Mulattoes and most states considered them legally Black for having 1/8th or more African ancestry. As a side note, Sally Hemings was 1/4th African so she and her and Thomas Jefferson's children would have had similar appearance. Racial intermingling, both consensual and non, was much more common in the pre-war South than many tend to believe.

    I Remember These!

    this is what power lines used to look like..they had the glass insulators


    El mejor chocolate

    Bathrobes, 1970s

    Vintage cherry red bakelite ice cream scoop.

    La pompe à eau de la cour

    The "old days" library cards

    Queen Victoria, 1861

    Para el acne

    Isabella I of Castile, mother to Catherine of Aragon and maternal grandmother of Mary I of England. Detail from The Virgin of the Catholic Monarchs by an unknown artist which depicts Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile.

    Many a VCR recording:)


    loved the smell


    UN RAYO DE LUZ (1960)