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Ok I don't run, partially because my back can't handle it but partially because I feel like the bottom picture.this made me laugh so hard!

4:30am "I hate to run, I'm going back to bed"  4:45am "well, I'm up, so I'll get ready"... "maybe I should go back to bed"  5:00am "I'll regret not going"  5:15am (mile 1) "I should of stayed in bed"  mile 2... "oh, hey look at my pace"  mile 3..."I need to sign up for that 10K next month"  mile 4... "I'm so gonna kick arz in that race"  mile 5... "I AM a running goddess"  mile 6..."that was freakin' awesome, can't wait to get up tomorrow and do it again!"

The hardest step for a runner is the first one out the front door. Yeah, I'm running! EVERY STEP!

The hardest step for a runner is the first one out of the front door

'The hardest step for a runner, is the first one out of the front door' . This was totally me this morning.

i can totally get it! Wizard of Oz

WIZARD OF OZ: The ultimate chick flick - two women trying to kill each other over shoes. My kind of movie !

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You'll regret eating that cookie, but you won't regret running that extra mile.


Baby memes are not only funny but they are cute! Here are 23 funny baby memes that are sure to bring a smile to your face.

A Complete Guide to Running for Beginners

Can you eat healthy? Yes! Can you commit to working out? Yes! Can you achieve your goals? Yes! Can you get in the best shape of your life? Yes You CAN! The question is will you? You know YOU can so what's stopping you?

it's funny 'cause it's true

"I like running.because i really, really, really, really, really like dessert." This is so true! We LOVE dessert. SGC is about winning the tug-of-war between loving food and not wanting to get fat.