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I ♥ Pocahontas especially because I found out this year that I am related to John Rolfe... who happened to be married to her... meaning I am related to Pocahontas! Omg. Highlight of my freaking life!!


"If you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you'll learn things you never knew." - Pocohontas

Calling Erin B B Latham and Jenn L Milsaps Shieh Disney princesses and the women who gave them voices...

Pocahontas, Flit on guard duty

Que Que Natura by Amy Mebberson, via Flickr

Because I decided to be Pocahontas for Halloween at school & work, I've kinda gone back to obsessing over my favorite Disney princess movie. -.-

Definitely my favourite character in the whole movie. Although the racoon was pretty awesome...

John Smith (Mel Gibson) and Thomas (Christian Bale) from "Pocahontas"