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Brown Bag Book Club: Students fill out the reader response form. Fill the bag with popcorn and divide students into groups to discuss the story. They can snack as they share what they learned.

Flagging strategies for reading comprehension. They put the flags directly into the book while reading.

Mrs. Wills Kindergartenfrom Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

Updates, Small Group, and a FREEBIE

Book Marks to send home with Guided Reading books FOR THE STRUGGLING READERS

Guided Reading question cubes made from foam Dollar Tree dice... can do variations with questions or directions about comprehension, movements, numbers, directions, right/left, and so on! The BIGGEST challenge will be the dice... I have not seen them at $ Tree, $ Dealz or $ General! At the ed store they are $16.99.

Have struggling readers in your 5th grade classroom? Need something to help them at home or in class? Check out this FREE book they can use with any fiction or nonfiction book to improve comprehension skillls!

EVERYONE needs a good collection of comprehension questions listed in plain sight!!!