Minnesota's own: Ho ho ho Green Giant!

Paul Bunyan Statue - Bemidji, MN. As the mythical hero of lumberjack camps nationwide, many Paul Bunyan statues dot roadsides across the U.S. But there is one that stands out among the pack. The boxy Bunyan in Bemidji, Minnesota is rumored to be the first in the nation. The 18-ft.-tall, 2.5-ton shrine, erected in 1937, honors the mythic man who became a symbol of strength and vitality

Ho Ho Ho Blue Earth, MN

A must stop for any trip out west.

Duluth, Minnesota


Jolly Green Giant...The vegetable company gave the town permission to use its symbol as long as the townspeople provided 100% of the funds. They did, and so today the verdant 4-ton Hercules smiles upon travelers throughout southern Minnesota.


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Blue Earth Minnesota - Jolly Green Giant Statue

The Jolly Green Giant, in MN.

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Jolly Green Giant, Blue Earth

Giant Paul Bunyan | Akeley, Minnesota

crazy horse memorial

✯ Split Rock Lighthouse - Northern Minnesota

mississippi river. minnesota.


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