Minnesota's own: Ho ho ho Green Giant!

Ho.Ho.Ho. Green Giant.

Le Sueur, MN is the home of the Jolly Green Giant. Ho! Ho! Ho! Greeen Giant!

World's Largest Jolly Green Giant is 55-feet tall - ho ho ho! A creation of F.A.S.T Corp in Blue Earth, Minnesota.

Giant Coffee Cup in Vining, MN

Giant Beach Dude - Minnesota

Culvert Man. 30 foot giant metal cowboy. Nodine, Minnesota.

Giant Cowboy Boot, Plainview, Minnesota ---

Located beside Prince Edward Island Preserve Company just down the road from the Anne of Green Gables House. Description from pinterest.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Giant Loon in Vergas, Minnesota.

Giant Uncle Sam at Virginia, Minnesota

The Jolly Green Giant, in MN - We were there the day they erected this statue!!!! I've seen him from the roadside. HoHoHo---Green Giant. ~~~Bev



Jolly Green Giant in Blue Earth, Minnesota

"World's Largest Crow" Belgrade, Minnesota

Giant Grain Belt Golden Beer Bottle in front of the old Schmidt Beer Brewery, W 7th St. in St. Paul, Minnesota

I LOVE Minnesota

How to prevent moss from growing on trees | home guides, Moss can be beautiful in the right setting: in a forest, near a waterfall, in a stream. Description from besttoddlertoys.eu. I searched for this on bing.com/images