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  • Eda Mauro

    Childhood Memories •~• Little Lulu and Tubby comics

  • Linda Heath

    Lulu and Tubby - "Little, Lulu, Little Lulu, with freckles on your chin; always in & out of trouble, but mostly always in; using mommy's make-up for the letters you write, using daddy's neckties for the tail of your kite..." Do you remember this song???

  • Jan Witthuhn

    Loved this! A daily comic strip, entitled Little Lulu, was syndicated from June 5, 1950 through May 1969. Artists included Woody Kimbrell (1950–1964), Roger Armstrong (1964–1966), and Ed Nofziger (1966–1969). Little Lulu appeared in ten issues of Dell Comics' Four Color comic book series (#74, 97, 110, 115, 120, 131, 139, 146, 158, 165), before graduating to her own title: Marge's Little Lulu in 1948.

  • Olga O'Reilly

    Lulu - I was always excited to get a few new comic books when we would take a road trip vacation ... no seat belts in the VERY BACK of a station #cartoon|

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When I was little I would occasionally get comic books at yard sales. Little Lulu was one of the funniest ones that I can remember finding.

Betty and Veronica~~~LOL My sister liked Veronica & I Liked Betty. We used to go round and round about who Archie should like! Good memories. :)

Little Lulu comic very favorite comics growing up (we had our own little lulu club,,,because it was easy to draw her..... i was sisters were the members )

the gal who taught me it's okay to wear short dresses even if you have fatty legs.

OMG! I was just talking about you the other day!! LOL!! Little LuLu

Little Lulu comic book. I watched the cartoons on TV too.

Little Lulu..loved the Little Lulu comics

Oh how I loved Little Lulu comics - I would have died to have this doll!

Little Lulu ummmohd75 75 thank you so much for the pins, however, please pin on appropriate boards!

Little Lulu! This was my french name in french class ...hahaha she's adorable

Little Lulu was one of my favorite comics when I was a child...