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    Albino Snake

    Gecko on Red Ginger, Kona, Hawaii

    Satanic leaf-tailed gecko ~ Uroplatus phantasticus ~ The smallest of 12 species of bizarre-looking leaf-tailed geckos. The nocturnal creature has extremely cryptic camouflage so it can hide out in the forests of Madagascar.

    #Lizards - "getting too big for it's own skin" - Regal Horned lizard in the process of shedding ©Dancing Snake Nature Photography Sabino Canyon

    Anole hagedis Santiago

    albino python


    Feeling Blue by WildAtHeartPhoto on Flickr

    Dancing With the Frogs!

    ..Like my party hat


    This is the regal ringneck snake (Diadophis punctatus regalis), a subspecies of ringneck snake endemic to the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. Unlike other subspecies of ringneck snakes, the regal ringneck is almost exclusively ophiophagous, meaning that it has a diet that consists almost entirely of other snakes. They have a weak venom that serves to immobilize their small prey, but is harmless to humans.

    ~~ The golden Eyelash Viper ~~

    Iridescent White Lipped Python


    most beautiful breed of snow white boa

    pied retic


    Neon Blue Garter Snake


    Green Crested Lizard by kampang on Flickr.

    North Shore - Oahu, Hawaii

    Flap-necked Chameleon, Botswana

    I want to kiss him