• MissesDressy

    Diane von Furstenberg #dianevonfurstenberg #dvf

  • Katrien Devos

    Let's be real: Diane Von Furstenberg is amazing. When it comes to role models, in terms of style and everything else, there's no one else in the fa

  • Zulayka Esmeralda Martis

    “Wink in the mirror, smile at your shadow.. be your very best friend!” -DVF - Diane von Furstenberg.

  • Andrea Angelo

    Diane Von Furstenberg, beautiful and brilliant, can you say wrap dress

  • Richard Fisher

    "Falling in love is not at all the most stupid thing that people do ? but gravitation cannot be held responsible for it." Albert Einstein - http://dating-ktdh74yb.reviewsatbest.com

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