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  • Arlo Hermann

    Fold a pocket in your wrapping paper to put the card in it . How clever, thanks, Martha Stewart! #Gift Wrapping #Gift Wrapper #Gift Wrap

  • Lauri Jopp

    Fold wrapping paper to create a pocket for the card... Built-In Gift Cards - Martha Stewart Crafts

  • Cathy Nicklas

    Built-In Gift Cards holder using wrapping paper

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When wrapping a present, put an extra fold in the wrapping paper, then use that fold to put your card in... (from Martha Stewart site, instructions included)

I'll never wrap a gift the same way again. [Wrap a gift with a pocket for holding the card.]

Make a DIY ladder to display stockings, cards or advent calendar.

10/8/2012; Vicki Wizniuk at 'Wizard's Hangout' blog Christmas Coffee Cup Pocket Card with link for the pattern

Fabric Envelopes- thinking about creating fabric reusable wrapping more garbage bags full of paper to dispose of at gift exchange time

This quick folding trick helps you get a handle on picnic wines, then yields a place to lay your outdoor feast.

To make it, position lace on a black background, and scan it as a high-resolution image. Use photo-editing software to adjust the size and background color, and print the image onto standard office paper. Read more at Lace Wrapping Paper - Martha Stewart Crafts

DIY Folded Paper & Twine Gift Wrap. Includes a number of fun ideas for gift wrapping presents.

Gotta love Martha...she thinks of everything! When wrapping a gift, fold a deep crease into the paper to make a pocket for your card to go in. Pretty.

Christmas wrapping-using two different papers - such a cute idea!

20 Fun and Creative Ideas of how to wrap your gifts at ...So cute!