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He's a little human trapped in a cat's body

~"Train Your Human"~

Hello Humans ... #Cute

(Orange cat)what are you doing (brownish cat) trying to fit in (orange cat)were not humans

This Hug Between A Cat And His Human Might Be The Best Hug Of All Time....exactly what wolfie does when i come home

What the .....? is the same in any animal or human language :-) Kawaii or Harakiri from pictoral blog Guremike from Japan

Billions of years of evolution, Human, really? Next, I'm mastering opposable thumbs!

Omg. This is why I love cats!!!!

Cute cats being cats

cat ♥

This is a cat I would love to have!

Cat ♥

cats ♥

cat ♥

Where is the cat?

Cute Cat!

cat ♥

The closer to dinner time - the cuter the kitty... Every day. :)