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Leaf from a Breviary - Hidden within a jungle of flowering vines, an ape attempts to unlock the secret to a three-dimensional puzzle. Medieval artists were fond of depicting animals, in particular apes and monkeys, engaged in human activities. In medieval Europe, the term "aping" was used to describe the mimicking of human nature, so showing apes acting like people was a play on this idea. (The Walters)


Munich Zoo Birds Fine Art Print

Bagpiping dog (playing during the funeral procession of Reynard the Fox... above prayers to the Holy Mary and St. John the Evangelist from the Hours of Jesus Crucified) Book of hours, England ca. 1300 (Baltimore, Walters Art Museum, Ms. W.102, fol. 75v) Discarding images.

Faune : dragon et éléphant Bestiaire Grande-Bretagne, troisième quart du XIIIe siècle Paris, BNF, département des Manuscrits, Latin 3630, fol. 93