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  • Carey Huband

    homemade liquid handsoap

  • Marie H

    Homemade Hand Soap Recipe

  • Marcia Terrones

    Homemade liquid hand soap recipe.

  • Cassy Downs

    Liquid Hand Soap! A little more runny then regular liquid soap I will probably had Karo syrup to try to help with that. And my hands are a bit dryed out after but that could be the brand of bar soap I used. But very easy and at least it's soap!

  • Jen Hardy Pedro

    liquid hand soap out of natural soap bars

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Home made hand soap-we HAD to get away from sodium laurel sulfate in our handsoaps, shampoos, etc. and this was a huge first step. All of our hands are less dry and cracked since we switched, and it's SUPER cheap! --I used a 4 oz bar of Kirk's Castile and 25 (or so) drops of rosemary oil after it was cooled. It thickens over several days.

Homemade Non-Toxic Handsoap ~ Make an entire gallon of non-toxic, all natural, organic liquid hand soap? Three dollars and fifty cents. Total. For an entire gallon. -- thecounselingteac...

All Natural Liquid Soap Recipe, make your own all liquid hand soap |  The Ponte Vedra Soap Shoppe

Turn a bar of soap into 2 liters of liquid hand soap. I do this all the time. Pinner said: Saves so much money.

Homemade Foaming Bath Soap...might look great in antique bottles I've been collecting!

Ok I'm posting this to ask a question: does making your own bulk handsoap only work with cheaper bar soaps like dove, etc? Can you use those handmade, natural soap bars and it still work and make a lot?

Liquid Hand Soap from homemade soap. Instead of using store bought soap use homemade soap. If you don't make soap yourself buy it from someone who does. It is better for you and you have lots of choices. Think of all the wonderful scents your soap makers have, that you can't buy in a store. Guaranteed to be a a delight for everyone.

Homemade Liquid Soap. Just combine 1 gal. Water, 2 T. Liquid glycerin ( find in pharmacy) and 1 bar of a good quality, natural soap; grated. (Don't use soaps with additives like moisturizers, etc such as Dove-they won't work) Heat over med/high heat until dissolved. Cool 12 hours. Mix with hand mixer to make a smooth consistency. Voila! Hand soap/body wash at a fraction of store cost.

So many craft ideas and nice looking packaging. Need to keep some of this in mind for the craft fair, Lisa Evans Kern!

homemade hand soap.. gonna try this!(plus my son has to do it for school)

Just the idea of making handmade soap makes me happy. Adding designs and beautiful paper to the process makes me even happier.