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    Happiness is a conscious choice.

  • Crystal Cook

    No matter what is happening in our lives there is always something to be happy about, in the midst of chaos or sadness if we look we will find it. Even the smallest of things can bring a shining ray of joy into our lives if we only choose to see it . . . happiness is indeed a choice. We can hold on to all the negatives and cover ourselves in a blanket of gloom or we can look toward that light and let it warm our hearts . . . I choose happiness.

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I was originally going to put this in another category, but it defaulted on "Why haven't I thought of this?" and, quite frankly, I decided that was an appropriate enough place.

I try to remember to do "Happy Thoughts" with Olivia every day. I love hearing what has made her happy for the day!

You are born to bring happiness to yourself and through you to the world for that is the purpose of god who is perfect happiness too..."Princess Dee"

Seriously. I bet each one of us could write down at least TEN reasons within one minute. And the list could go on and on:) Try it my friends…try it.

Think happy. Be happy. Try the hemp oil salve for pain relief and more Find out some information about CBD hemp oil products and business (none psychotropic CBD) Linda

Nurses - your words are powerful - be mindful of saying words like "We are getting slammed" - each moment take a moment - speak positively - guard your thoughts and words!

Love this! I think I will start and finish each day like it is my birthday, yaaaaaaaaaay.

Happy Print..."You have to want to be HAPPY" Don't wait for anyone else...Be Happy! It's your decision!

I can't get any happier....Well. ONE thing could make me happier...

Make someone happy..this will be a great quote for my journal - thanks!