Is this what the Vampire Diaries humanity switch looks like? #TeamDamon Sometimes it might be nice to have this.

Then smile. You always look more confident in what your saying - even if you are not in the least!!!

I seriously just wanna cuddle up and watch an old Disney movie with hot chocolate and ignore life and everyone and everything.


live simply

Shiny Starr Light


this is your life.

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i don't live there anymore,anyways you have no right to judge me

I keep it all inside because I'd rather the pain destroy me, than everyone else...not the best way to heal though. This is the complete truth with me right now :/

Exactly how I feel right now.

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I have said this so many times in my life about many different types of guys... But with you I feel complete. With you I feel like I can accomplish every thing The Lord has for me to do. I feel that god has given me this unbreakable patience to wait for you... Simply because I have realized that I don't deserve, nor do I want, anything less than your godliness, seriousness, compassion and love.

I want to be cared for.


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OMG!! YES!!!!! only responsible for what i say

Everything happens for a reason. But, sometimes the reason is that you're stupid and you make bad decisions. #BadDecisions #FunnyStatus