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    Is this what the Vampire Diaries humanity switch looks like? #TeamDamon Sometimes it might be nice to have this.

    sadly this is

    I am an artist. This means i live in a perverse fantasy world with unrealistic expectations. Thank you for understanding....So TRUE!

    Hmm my life


    black and white tumblr - Google Search


    This is the reason I love kids. They see the world in a completely different way than adults do. Too sweet!!

    I felt this way to many times. No energy left to fight, no energy left to even care about fighting, when it happens I just kind of shrug as if it always happens because most days it does

    So me.

    Find Someone Who...

    So true.

    i feel so much sometimes that i don't feel anything at all.



    hmm... a saying men (mankind) made to put the blame of bad outcomes on fate and such (not one's wrong doings or irrational acts) or made to show how men have no self-admirations and simply appraise fate and such (not self-efforts and self) for good outcomes. =\ Sad trait, really.

    It's just that simple...


    Word up

    let things go

    The best day of your life ...