This looks awkward and freaking awesome!

The flying hovercraft - $190,000

This is the 16' high water slide used by resorts and summer camps to provide safe, reliable waterborne fun for entire families. $9,000

Water Mat

Inflatable Water Ball

Jasmine Aroma Diffuser - transforms water blended with essential oil into an extra fine mist.


The Skier Controlled Tow Boat - Hammacher Schlemmer

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Rotomolded Wall Dividing // QuaDror design is highly stable meeting the same stability criteria as a solid cube with 20% of the volume when flat packed Design can withstand high stack loading when it is in a filled or unfilled state and can be stacked up to 50 units high when rotomolded and 6 units high when filled with water The design can withstand hurricane force winds when filled with water with no additional supports

Motorized Bumper Floats

Flying Hovercraft

Aquatic Go-Kart

Fun paint job

The Wizard of Oz™ Miss Dorothy Gale | Barbie Collector

Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius

Wooden USB flash drive key chain

I want one, omg this is awesome.

The LT4 adjustable length graphite trekking pole - $80

One of the coolest things ever

Best skincare tablets