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The iBooks Author app for the Mac offers several features in creating books that can support the principles of Universal Design for Learning:> "Text, audio, video and image together, providing multiple options for representation and engagement;> Enlarge pictures and text so we can get up close;> Re-play videos so we can repeat and revisit ideas;> Listen to the text read aloud by Apple's built-in screen reader, Voice Over."Go to the Apple help page "How to make your ibooks accessible" (support.apple.com/kb/HT5073?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US) to learn how to create a book that is accessible! | UDL - Universal Design for Learning

How to create in iBooks Author.

How to Create a Blank Book in iBooks Author

Apple - iBooks Author for Mac. Create and publish books for the iPad.

Apple - Apple in Education - Create with iBooks Author

iBook Author Tutorial - How to Start iBook Author with a Template. First video in a series. For complete list, go to: http://ecjourno.com/diyjourno/?page_id=38 Emerson College Dept. of Journalism.

iBooks Author used to create ebooks

iBooks Author Guide for Schools Educators and staff in our schools are seeing the potential of iBooks created with iBooks Author to use with students in a number of ways:

Publishing with iBooks Author | iPad for Learning

Growing List of Student-Created iBooks - great ideas to emulate and inspire (created with both Book Creator, Pages, and iBook Author): http://list.ly/list/1rE-student-created-ibooks-ebooks

Apple - iBooks Author

Hands on With iBooks Author

"Make Your Own Books for Free Using Apple iBooks Author App" was posted on the Educational Technology and Mobile Learning website. In conjunction with the release of iBooks app, the digital textbook app, Apple has also announced the launch of its new iBooks Author app that is designed specifically to help users create ebooks. This is the video "Apple iBooks Author Tour" found on the page...makes it look so easy to do from your desktop computer!

PART 2 iBooks Author Tutorial - Create a Custom Template

A simple guide for teachers to create eBooks on iPad using iBook Author

Students create a T-shirt design inspired by the book they read. Picture on the front and a motto for the book on the back! Coolest book reports ever!

Book Creator | The simple way to help all learners create beautiful books on the iPad

Books to use when teaching cause and effect

IRIS STAR Legacy Modules are Web-based instructional materials that provide information about working with students with disabilities.