Cause and Effect: Reading Response Flip Book - need to adapt to older grades

Third Grade Comprehension Worksheets: Reading for Comprehension: Cause and Effect

Making a flip book and lots of other ideas for teaching Cause and Effect Using Informational Text!

Reading Response Notebook: Getting Started!

great for a must do or after reading a book:)

Reading Responses – Non-Fiction | ELA in the middle

Reading Responses The Common Core Way

Flip Book Projects

Reading response journals

Teaching With a Mountain View: Independent Reading Response Anchor Charts

Weekly Home Reading Log freebie in Laura Candler's online file cabinet ~ I've been using this GO from Laura Candler for years now. Student records the title, reading response, minutes read and then has it signed by parent or guardian. There is also a two-sided version for longer responses.

D.E.A.R. Reading Response - Common Core. Includes poster, bookmarks, student response sheet, response writing stems, a sample response for fiction, and a sample response for nonfiction. Best for grades 3-6 $

Students choose a book to read. While they are reading, they search for nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. When they find them, they record the...

metacognition poster - I'm thinking this could be the starting point for a "thinking stem" activity with students filling in "stems" with responses to each idea.

Teaching Cause and Effect in Upper Elementary. Here is a book list of some of my favorite books for teaching cause and effect. Students absolutely love these books!

FREE Vocabulary Flip Book for Marzano’s Six Steps: Keep this flip book handy when planning vocabulary instruction! A few ideas for implementation are listed under each step. There is also space on each page for you to add your own notes and ideas. The flip book lists Marzano’s six steps in the order in which they should be taught.

Chapter Book Graphic Organizers