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Tiger-striped Leaf Frog (Phyllomedusa tomopterna) by Lucas M. Bustamante-Enríquez, via Flickr

Frogs are so fascinating. Really, how can they not be miraculous. They symbolize the metamorphosis to a new life. International Drug Rehab in Panama

"She liked hiding under the ferns and singing in the rain." From www.12steps12stor... humility step7

Glass frog (Hyalinobatrachium ruedai) #frog #amphibian here to find out more P.S. PLEASE FOLLOW ME IN HERE Yulia Bekar Bekar Bekar watson

Tree Frog Photography Home Decor by LongForgotten on Etsy, $18.00

Frogs on sunny lillypads. Motionless until a bug comes close...

The Washington state Amphibian is the Pacific chorus frog, and just happens to be climbing among the Washington State Flower, in the blooms of the rhododendron~

Quuark!...Uhm, I'm Really Impressed By This Place...Samissomar's Pinterests Are So Coool !... samissomarspace.w...

I think he swallowed a lightning bug. (photo by Beth Keplinger, via Flickr)