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  • Wil

    Perfect Faux Opal Polymer Clay | ... and "bezel" around the edges ofthe cutouts using metallic clay

  • susanne yndgaard

    Tutorial: Using translucent clay and glitter shavings to create faux quartz effect. In Russian, but the technique begins with translucent clay. Make five snakes of clay, one plain, the rest are very pale shades of red, orange, green blue. Add glitter. Twist all snakes together to blend, but not too much.

  • Jewelry Tutorial HQ

    Faux opal tutorial - polymer clay how-to

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I have heart cutters, that would save a step too :)

Faux opal stones. I'm very impressed, and love the possibilities this method provides for creating beautiful 'stones'.

process for ton the left: baked a little clumps of iridescent flakes with liquid polyclay. I used cream colored clay & put the 'opals' all over (rough side up), textured surface. I baked them, mixed liquid polyclay w/small amnt of burnt umber oil paint, wiped it on rough spots for color variation, then a final bake.

polymer clay tutorial

Мастер-классы по лепке из полимерной глины. Подборка идей из интернета. - Полимерная глина для начинающих. Мастер классы по лепке. - Мастер-классы - Kalinkapolinka

These opals are made from polymer clay! Can you believe it? Stunning work.

3d bubble pattern tutorial and inspiration bracelet

Polymer Clay Tutorial - Faux Opal

Don't know if I will ever need to make a cat but this is a good tutorial showing how to piece any basic animal together

Faux Steine -Faux Stones by Edelchen, via Flickr. view all her photos - she is very talented

FREE TUTORIAL: faux opal from polymer clay.