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pumpkin Tattoo... Our Grandma Moffa used to call us all her little pumpkins so make it smaller and keep no color other than the number pumpkin that we all are...LOVE IT

Mini pumpkin to represent my favourite of all seasons. I like the wrist placement too- only issue is that I want a theme for all tats. Ie a dancer's decoration, not sure how this will fit

20 Tattoos For Those Who Are Positively Possessed By Pumpkins

20 Tattoos For Those Who Are Positively Possessed by Pumpkins

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Scary Halloween tattoo design. The design features a scary looking pumpkin that is laughing evilly at the thought that Halloween is just around the corner.

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When it comes to seasonal symbols, none may be more apparent then the pumpkin. The pumpkin has become an iconic symbol of Halloween and everything associated to the holiday. The pumpkin is also a symbol of autumn. The pumpkin tattoo is not.

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