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Just some dentists...

Another pinner said: "Wish they wore these at my dentist's office lol." Yeah right! My doctor wears a rat and clown mask and it is CREEEEPPPPYYYY! I have like a mental breakdown before each trip to the dentist just because of his masks.

Kazukijikagita HOW DO YOU EVEN PRONOUNCE THAT? Maybe I could go by Kazuki (Abi)....

Parallel universe. #ValoralaDiversidad #CreatividadsinLimites #PlateiaColombia #animacion #animation

Next time a stranger talks to me when I am alone, I will just look at him shocked and just whisper quietly "You can see me?"

For real

With so many things coming back in style... I can't wait until morals and intelligence become a trend again.

I always threaten the kids -- I have photoshop and I'm not afraid to use it -- so they smile in pictures. They think I'm going to put them on the internet - naked.