DIY bathing suit

DIY 3 button sweatshirt

DIY Skirt Idea. // use old shorts or use a great thrift shop find, make a great skirt.

DIY fitted T-shirt

How to turn an old bra into a 'swimmable' swimsuit.

I like this but instead of cutting it down the middle, keep it like it was and wear it as a dress or coverup for a bathing suit. Must try

DIY bra top

How to make a vintage high-waisted swimsuit. -Totally making myself one of these, I love the look but can never get a good fit on swimsuits.

Low Price Fabric: DIY Swimsuit Tutorial w/ Mimi G

Dress shirt skirt OR Cut out the neck of a tshirt/sweater (unless you're a skinny-mini), pull it up like a skirt and tie the arms of the sweatshirt in the front. T-shirt sew, or don't sew short sleeves and tuck in to use as pockets.

DIY dresses


DIY for making a tight tank to a loose fitting tank. this is really cute.

Love this...where would I find lace like this?

DIY T-shirt

#DIY Fashion

There are a ton of very original and cool T-shirt mod projects here...from a dress to a bathing suit to a halter to a baby T. Most of these u only need scissors and a Tshirt. dyi-ideas

DIY T-shirt

DIY Shirts

DIY skirt from t-shirts. I love these stretchy long skirts, sexy....yet modest :)