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Jenny - I'm a biology und chemistry teacher in Berlin, Germany. Here, I show my interests in sport, motivation, life and health...and a little humour. The fotos are not mine...if they are, I'll tell ;) users online

Monday Mantra ~ erica miss america: a Healthy Living, Gluten Free Foodie & Marathon Runner's Blog

Go ahead tell me that Im not good enough, tell me I cant do it, because I will show you over & over again. That I Can!

I need a lot of inspiration today, I already called my mom and thought about quitting if I don't feel better in 3 days. I takes 2 weeks of not feeling well though, hence the "you can do it" theme here haha

Our goal is to be better than we were yesterday! Rest Based Training (RBT) is just that. You complete sets in circuit and rest only as long as necessary so that you can begin where you left off. No time program rules...JUSY YOU VERSUS YOU! Training. Exercise. Working out.

Yea baby! Come on, everyone wants to look good with AND without clothes. - Nicole Wilkins