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    Use glitter to teach about how germs spread. Good activity for week 9 on the lymph/immune system.

    Teach kids about the importance of using soap when they wash hands with this quick science demonstration - Fantastic Fun & Learning - For more cool science toys you gotta check out

    How are germs spread? This hands-on demonstration is great for teaching young kids how easily germs are spread and how important proper hand hygiene is.

    Hand washing for kids -- great for cold season and back to school!

    Teaching doing this activity with kindergarten. Great way to teache them about coughing into their elbows too!

    Glitter germs lesson. This ties in w/ the health curriculum, but I'd use it at the start of year to stress the importance of handwashing. Glitter mixed with hand sanitizer. Teacher uses it, pretends to cough, and then shakes hands with 1 student. The students then shake eachothers hands and see how the glitter "germs" spread. Discuss proper hand washing after

    touchfeelandlearn: a different take on showing/teaching importance of using soap and water to wash hands reminder on some healthy habits like not sneezing on your siblings and washing hands (with soap)

    Hand Washing Lesson: Germs Make Me Sick!

    Dirt dough looks and feels just like dirt, but it is moldable, germ free, and CLEAN! You only need two ingredients to make it, too! {Great for playing with cars and trucks, pretend bug hunts, small world construction sites, dinosaur play,etc}

    ABC and 123: Terrific Teeth: Dental Health Month Activities. What a great way to teach children how to floss!

    Lesson before we start cooking...bacteria grown from unwashed hands! Grow the bacteria you find on your hands when you refuse to wash. May my kids never fight me about hand washing again!

    Reinforce healthy dental habits with this idea.

    A website dedicated to science experiments using candy.

    another Germ Lesson

    A better way to deal with disruptive students in middle and high school. Print these out on quarter- or half- sheets and hand them to students who are off-task or disruptive. Or laminate a few and have dry- or wet-erase markers on hand. A behavior slip forces the student to think about their actions and how they can prevent them in the future, without taking up extra class time for discipline! Students are less likely to act up if they know they'll have to fill one of these out every time.

    Germ video: about hand washing, covering coughs and staying home if sick. recommended by Charlotte's Clips

    A video to help young children learn about germs and the benefits of washing their hands before eating. Hopefully it has just enough information to inform young children on the subject of germs without confusing them. As some of you may know I'm working towards building a web series that will have a range of preschool content. This is intended...

    Hand strength is important for writing, cutting, fastening clothing and more! Check out these 35 genius ideas for strengthening your child's hands to help with all kinds of developmental skills.

    Gummy bear science experiment ~ your kids will love this simple experiement

    Clean vs. dirty hands bread experiment --- oh we are SO doing this!!!