Use glitter to teach about how germs spread. Good activity for week 9 on the lymph/immune system.

Teach kids about the importance of using soap when they wash hands with this quick science demonstration - Fantastic Fun & Learning - For more cool science toys you gotta check out

How are germs spread? This hands-on demonstration is great for teaching young kids how easily germs are spread and how important proper hand hygiene is.

Reinforce healthy dental habits with this idea.

Showing kids just how much washing is necessary in order to clean off the germs.

Glitter Bug Lotion. Rub this on your hands and then wash them. See how many germs you missed.

Hand washing for kids -- great for cold season and back to school!

Great activities to teach about staying healthy

Glitter germs lesson. This ties in w/ the health curriculum, but I'd use it at the start of year to stress the importance of handwashing. Glitter mixed with hand sanitizer. Teacher uses it, pretends to cough, and then shakes hands with 1 student. The students then shake eachothers hands and see how the glitter "germs" spread. Discuss proper hand washing after

Teach the kids about germs with glitter and 7 other kid-level ways to explain important safety habits. Love this for preschool!

Hand Washing Lesson: Germs Make Me Sick!

A website dedicated to science experiments using candy.

Grow the bacteria you find on your hands when you refuse to wash. May my kids never fight me about hand washing again!

A hands on way for preschoolers to learn why we brush our teeth. I don't have kids, but have plenty of friends who do!

Each time a student BLURTS out loud without raising hand they have to take one down. Last person to have all 3 gets rewarded!

ABC and 123: Terrific Teeth: Dental Health Month Activities. What a great way to teach children how to floss!

Washy Washy Clean: Great song to the tune of "If You're Happy and you Know It" that teaches the steps of how to wash your hands!

DIRTY POTATO EXPERIMENT - rubbed slices potatoes on different dirty surfaces outside, inside and on our body to figure out which contained the most germs. Kept for a week in a dark warm place to promote bacteria growth. So gross.....I can't wait to try it!

Spelling our Names - 10 Fun Ways to Practice from Play to Learn Preschool

Dirt dough looks and feels just like dirt, but it is moldable, germ free, and CLEAN! You only need two ingredients to make it, too! {Great for playing with cars and trucks, pretend bug hunts, small world construction sites, dinosaur play,etc}

Clean vs. dirty hands bread experiment - what a great way to demonstrate the importance of proper hand washing. Would love to see what happens when you wash hands with warm soapy water versus hand sanitizer!