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  • Stephanie Beukes

    Dancer Tilting, 1883 Edgar Degas. I love his ballerina paintings, so effortless and graceful. Beautiful!!!

  • Emily Yang

    The ballet dancer in this artwork is truly elegant and also the move that the dancer is in is truly amazing!

  • AB Photography

    Bio Andrew Atroshenko | Title: Ballerina Andrew Atroshenko Artwork

  • Mangala Kilpadi

    "Black Swan" Oil Painting "Ballerina" by "Ballerina" by Andrew Atroshenko

  • Lori Storrs

    Andrew Atroshenko ballerina painting #ballet #painting

  • Alex Forman

    18There is use of asymmetrical balance in this work even though the majority of the womans body is on the left her leg and skirt help to make each side weigh the same.Emphasis is on the ballerina she is in the center of the work as well as the light and dark values.This piece shows rhythm through the diagonal line of the woman's arms and legs which creates motion.I think that the artist is trying to highlight the beauty of the ballerina with the use of light and she seems so poise and confident.

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