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World record setting experiment brings quantum computing a step closer to reality

A normally fragile quantum state has been shown to survive at room temperature for a world record 39 minutes by Oxford University researchers. An artistic rendition of a 'bound exciton' quantum state used to prepare and read out information stored in the form of quantum bits. (Credit: © 2013 Stef Simmons with CC BY)

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What happened when I got over myself and replaced fear with love

I replaced fear with love and I stopped gossiping about people because what other people choose to do with their lives became irrelevant because now I was filled with purpose and hope and.... love.

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What are the symptoms of overtraining? And how do you recover?

NASA's experiment of Quantum Computers for difficult or impossible calculations. #technology #science #quantum #computers #innovation chickens have their own virtual world -'s a $499 3D printer - Carmack leaves id Software to focus on Oculus VR - US' first privacy-focused technology officer has left after one year - teams up with Intel to produce its line of wearables -

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Philips' smart lighting tells you where to go in the grocery store

Philips intelligent lighting system outlined

Hound's voice recognition technology books an Uber for you -

Using Quantum Physics To Speed Up Artificial Intelligence