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Oil Massage for Busy People?! Yessssss. In Ayurveda we looooooove the benefits of a good daily oil massage.

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World record setting experiment brings quantum computing a step closer to reality

Quantum world record smashed: Quantum state survives at room temperature for 39 minutes

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What happened when I got over myself and replaced fear with love

I replaced fear with love and I stopped gossiping about people because what other people choose to do with their lives became irrelevant because now I was filled with purpose and hope and.... love.

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All-Day Ayurveda: Makeover Your Daily Routine

Ayurveda for Day and Night - Practices to help energize your mornings and make your nights more restful

Self massage with delicious edible nut oils like olive oil, sacha inchi or avocado oil is food for the skin and entire body

Ayurveda Doshas - Characteristics, Nature, Body, Mind

Pela Ayurveda, a base energética constitucional do indivíduo, ou bio tipo, Prakriti, é definida no momento da fecundação do óvulo (quando se definem as características genéticas) e por outros fatores (pré-concepção e do período da gestação). Prakriti é medida no nível mais profundo do pulso.

Pitta people are "direct, focused, witty with a great sense of humor, hyper-organized, detailed, play by the rules, ask a ton of questions, and are usually found in leadership roles. So when I see a pitta person with a big burger on their plate, copious glasses of wine or cocktails, pouring extra tabasco sauce on their nachos with jalapenos, and following it all up with a piece of chocolate lava cake (with ice cream), I know they have a pitta imbalance."

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Ghee: The Next Superfood

Fans of Ayurveda are well acquainted with the powers of clarified butter! Known for its rejuvenating qualities, ghee assists in absorbing nutrients and healing the gut, and it deeply penetrates the bodily tissues. It provides strength, nourishment and protection to the skin! Whether you take it by the spoon or apply it to your skin, you'll love the results.

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Everyday Ayurveda: Daily Habits That Can Change Your Life in a Day

Nobody has done more harm to me . . . than Jawaharlal Nehru, wrote Subhas Chandra Bose in 1939. Had relations between the two great nationalist leaders soured to the extent that Bose had begun to view

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Ayurveda's Three Doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha