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  • Jeremy Bressman

    Lemon Rice soup recipe

  • Elizabeth Abel

    Teaching kids valuable life lessons since the 80s

  • Kay Stew

    the more you know - Google Search

  • X_ Ari Queen of Trees_X #RaptorSquad #HowAboutNo #MARKIPLITE #ForeverAKilljoy #Lapis♡Lazuli #PATRICIA

    -About Nyx- Her mother was a dragon pony, while her father was a fullbred dragon. When her parents met, it didn't last very long. Her father left as soon as her mother told him she would be having a foal. This never bothered Nyx though, it motivated her. So what if her father wanted nothing to do with her? She would be strong. For her mom. She was bullied in school but this soon stopped when she kicked their butts. She was soon known as the pony never to be messed with, but the occasional name calling was made towards her. She doesn't have many friends, so she often feels alone. She moved to ponyville when she was young with her mom, where Winter was adopted. Any other questions about her you can ask!

  • Erin McGinnis

    For all the times my friends do the swooosh and tag "the more you know" when we "Educate" each other LOL (really. really, really not DS really)

  • Penny Emerson

    "The More You Know"..a throwback from the 80s...I feel like this would make a really funny tattoo!

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