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    This Instructable sounded more like a punch line to either of two bad jokes: 1. How do you know you’ve lived in a northern climate too long? 2. How d...
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    DIY drawer love LOVE this!! My drawers are never the right size for dividers. No longer a prob!! Yay!!

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    A pinner wrote: Hard water stains in the toilet. 1/4 cup borax, 1 cup vinegar, wait 20 mins scrub. I did this yesterday (10/22/14) ba-bam, clean toilet!!

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    This is a great hack. Turn safety pins into DIY plate hangers. So much cheaper than buying them!

    How To Clean Whirlpool Jets 1. Fill tub with hot water to a couple inches above jets. 2. Pour in about a half cup of bleach and a tablespoon of powdered cascade dishwashing detergent 3. Run the jets for 15 minutes with the air knob thing open all the way so it gives the highest turbulence 4. observe gunk and try not to choke 8] 5. empty tub 6. Refill with cold water to above jets 7. Run jets to rinse - 10 minutes

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    Bubble wrap window insulation for winter, as well as privacy. Spray water on the window, and press wrap against it. You can pull if down if company comes, and re-put if back up. Use it year after year.

    Wash outdoor windows with Woolite. I have been doing this for years and found a blog with photos. I use 1/2 cup to 1 gallon warm water, but other than that I do the same as this blogger using a soft car washing brush on an extension handle. Makes outdoor window cleaning easy.

    I would never have thought of making my own water filtration device with a soda bottle and a water filter. Very clever re-purpose for the bottle.

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