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The Disney Songs Alphabet From A to Z: my future kids will know this by heart.

Disney Song Alphabet, my two favourite things - Disney and music 💕🎶

14 Interesting Facts About Disney Films You Never Knew… Except the first one is not true! Can you say Brave? Mulan?.

14 Interesting Facts About Disney Films You Never Knew. The Frozen fact is wrong, Mulan was the first one movie/princess to teach girls don't need a man. Frozen is the first princess movie to be focused around sisterly love.

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While I love the "sisters before misters" theme, Frozen is CERTAINLY not the first Disney film with women who can hold their own. But let's just say Frozen is the one that unite the morals of all "I don't need a man and sisters first" movies

Grumpy Cat-Disney mashup- The Pinnochio one though. OMG.

No no no...

- Grumpy Cat Lmfao I love this.

This is the most ama

Uh-Oh Jack's gonna kill you! ~Jelsa ~Hiccup ~How to Train Your Dragon ~Frozen ~Disney crossover

I'm sorry I keep sending you pins, but all I could think of was you @Jen Germano when I saw this Pixar Pin. LOL

My logic: Disney translated all of it. Because they wanted us to understand the movie. Also, Wall-e was left behind by the humans, he isn't from the future.<< But he IS in the future. The future from now to there.

Disney secrets< omg! the minion from dispecable me just said WHAAAT?! in my head...... there is something wrong with me......

The Real Identity of Andy's Mom in 'Toy Story'

Disney secrets< the minion from dispecable me just said WHAAAT? in my head. there is something wrong with me.<<no there is nothing wrong with you. that comes out my mouth, yours just said it in your head.

Awww, that’s cute!!!

Awww, that’s cute!!!

Tumblr Disney 1 Memes. Best Collection of Funny Tumblr Disney 1 Pictures

Meme Center - Largest Creative Humor Community

Warner Bros vs Disney - Both sides have Orlando Bloom so they both win. Why choose?

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Effects of pausing a disney movie include; Severe laughter or long grins.

spongebob burn!  LOVE THIS! :)

I laughed so hard when I saw this on Phineas and Ferb. Also, Phineas and Ferb is on Disney, and sponge bob is on nickelodeon.

Resemblance 1/2 by jackfreak1994 on deviantART kill me i need grown up lilo like my life depended on it

Awww Lilo grow up

Haha my teacher is a very organized girl and I've seen her do the Snow White pose many times

Never question Disney logic

Dump A Day There Are No Rivalries Quite Like Sibling Rivalries - 20 Pics

Funny pictures about It must be great to have a sister like her. Oh, and cool pics about It must be great to have a sister like her. Also, It must be great to have a sister like her.

Disney Princesses Played By Today’s Actresses

Disney Dream Cast, I like all but Taylor swift. I really don't like Taylor swift.