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  • Lizbeth Aracely

    Can you feel the love tonight? (Photo: Nick Brandt) LION LOVE! <3 KING && QUEEN! <33

  • Top Pinterest Animals

    Lions #lion #lioness #kingofthejungle #lionlovers #bigcats

  • Kate Findlay-Shirras

    Nick Brandt's breathtaking Lions Head to Head photo #beautiful #love #lions #animals #awww #male #female

  • Sara Beck

    True love. Wonderful photo by Nick Brandt.

  • Julian Maynard

    photography by nick brandt - 96 % of the Global Big Cat Population has been decimated in my lifetime ... Will they be extinct before I die?

  • Deb Deeb

    Nick Brandt's breathtaking Lions Head to Head photo (Simba and Nala..."The Lion King")

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I can't wait till paradise! When we are able to wrestle and care for these intimidating beasts :..) (si Dios quiere)

the king...makes me think of Christ as the Lion of the tribe of Judah! Might & more powerful than any other!

Paint with beautiful mane! Of all God's creatures I believe these are his best work!

Butterfly, Starburst.Looks pretty.Please check out my website thanks.

mommy and baby. thats so cute its like mother and son. dogs are the most cutest thing im a doglover. like if ur a doglover

Look at the eyelashes on this beautiful baby! by Jenny's site, via Flickr. Gorgeous!

Mr. Sloth has a thankful expression! Reminder: We're on this #Earth plane to care for & protect the animals, NOT to ignore or #abuse them!

Mandy is a 4-year-old jaguar and was taken from her mother when she was still a cub and sold in the illegal pet trade.

Beautiful! Really makes me miss riding! Maybe when we get out to Colorado. I know I'll be buying a horse for the girls.

Ohhhh WOW! Pattern at its finest in nature, green with exuberant frivolous delight ||| gorgeous green peacock #pattern #design