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  • Katie Shelton

    Line fridge shelves with Saran Press and Seal paper, then peel off and replace when dirty. This would make fridge cleaning so much easier!

  • Nancy H

    Cover your refrigerator shelf with Saran's Press and Seal Wrap. Then when it gets dirty you just peel it off and apply a new piece. The printed Saran Wrap is beyond tacky, though.

  • Jamie McMillen

    Now this is a good idea! easy fridge cleaning, line the shelves with saran wrap press and seal paper then remove when dirty

  • Kimberley Griffen

    Great idea! Keep your shelves clean! Line fridge shelves with Saran Wrap’s Press and Seal paper, then peel off and replace when dirty. Geeeeenius.

  • Roxanne Warner

    easy fridge cleaning, line the shelves with saran wrap press and seal paper then remove when dirty. This is a great idea!

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