Jesse James Gang:

Left to Right. Billy the Kid, Doc Holliday, Jesse James & Charlie Bowdre. Photo believed to have been taken in New Mexico in 1879. They all look so tiny!

Frank Boardman "Pistol Pete" Eaton (October 26, 1860 – April 8, 1958) was an American author, cowboy, scout, Indian fighter, and Deputy U. S. Marshal for Judge Isaac C. Parker. He was also known to throw a coin in the air, draw and shoot it before it hit the ground.

Wild Bill Hickock, a.k.a. James Butler Hickok (May 27, 1837 – August 2, 1876).

Hot Springs,Arkansas : Jesse James and the Younger Brothers were fond of robbing stagecoaches near Hot Springs. Apparently, it was something to brag about. Here's a photo of three Arkansas men who were robbed of $3000 and some valuables. They commemorated the event by painting "Robbed by Jesse James January 15, 1874 on top of their stagecoach. This was supposedly the first of a string of James-Younger holdups on the road between Malvern and Hot Springs.

Real Old Wanted Posters | Wanted Poster: Wyatt Earp | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Calamity Jane wasn't exactly trying to be a prostitute—at least not full-time. After all, she sorta looked like a dude. But anyway, when she wasn't scouting and shooting Indians, which was what she was really known for, she made most of her bills sleepin' with cowboys at Fort Larami

Young Jesse James (approx. 16 yrs. of age). Missouri bushwhacker riding with Bloody Bill Anderson.

Pat F. Garrett 1850 - 1908. Called the most famous Westerner of his time. He was Rancher, Businessman and Peace Officer. In 1881, as sherriff of Lincoln County, he killed the notorious outlaw Billy the Kid. Pres. Teddy Roosevelt appointed him Collector of Customs at El Paso in 1901. On Feb 29, 1908, Garrett was murdered by a cowboy in a dispute near Las Cruces, N.M. Inset Colt .44 Frontier the gun killing Billy the Kid.

memento mori victorian. These men,Clell Miller and Bill Chadwell, were with the James Younger gang in Northfield, MN. These two were killed, the Youngers badly wounded and the James boys made a clean escape.

Jesse Woodson James was one of, if not the most famous outlaw in American History, and certainly in the old west. Bank and train robber, murderer,...

Wyatt Earp in 1923, age 75

John S. "Rip" Ford, 1850's Texas Ranger. Commanded the Confederate forces in the last engagement of the American Civil War.

Bonnie and Clyde, pictured here in 1933, were well-known outlaws, robbers, and criminals who traveled the Central United States with their gang during the Great Depression. The couple were eventually ambushed and killed in Louisiana by law officers.

Frank James, Jesse James, Cole Younger, and Bob Younger

Picture used for the penny issued in 1909 to commemorate Abraham Lincoln's 100th birthday. It was the first American coin to bear a president's image on its face.

‘The only known authenticated portrait of the notorious outlaw Billy the Kid has sold for two point three million dollars at auction in Denver, in the US state of Colorado. The tintype – an early form of photo using metal plates – is believed to have been taken in 1879 or 1880 in Fort Sumner, New Mexico.

Jesse Woodson James, born September 5, 1847, was a outlaw gang leader, a robber of banks,trains, and stagecoaches and a murderer from the state of Missouri. Jesse and his brother Frank were most active with their gang the James-Younger Gang from about 1866 until 1876, when their attempted robbery of a bank in Northfield, Minnesota, resulted in the capture and deaths of several members. On April 3, 1882, Jesse James was killed by Robert Ford, who was a member of the James Brothers g...

Frank Eaton, "Pistol Pete" In the late 1860's, 8 yr old Eaton witnessed six men kill his father. In 1875, when he was 15, he learned the whereabouts of his father's killers. But before setting off on his mission to avenge his father's death, he decided to visit Ft. Gibson, OK a cavalry fort, to learn more about handling a gun. He learned, and out shot everyone at the fort, earning him the nickname. Later in life, he moved to OK. Terr. and became a US Marshal

Rare Photo of Jesse James and his brother Frank James 1863