Ombré manicure.

Super Easy Nail Design

Nude, GOLD, and white nail design

Take apart a loofah and use the netting to get a fishnet manicure look.

Cute nails

Striping Tape Nail Tutorial

13 Nail Tutorials Best Ideas For You

Here is a cute design to do on your nails if you are going to the beach, or maybe just if you want to do it for summer! Whatever the reason is, this nail design will sure to give you many compliments. Enjoy!

dandelion nails nails

We love metallic nails! #metallic #heavymetal #metaldetailing #newlookfashion

Flamingo nail art tutorial / pictorial for @Stephanie Close Close Close Close Close Close Close this is all u! :)

Fish Tail Manicure

Nail polish

ombre french manicure

Easy Nail Tutorial

pretty glitter nails



Ombre Nail Tutorial