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Apple & Thymefrom Apple & Thyme

Food Safety Week 2011- What goes on behind closed doors?

Clean vs. dirty hands bread experiment --- oh we are SO doing this!!!

Playdough To Platofrom Playdough To Plato

Dancing Frankenworms

Awesome Kids Science Make Worms Dance!!

I Can Teach My Child!from I Can Teach My Child!

Making It Rain

Kids would "get" the water cycle SO MUCH more if they did THIS instead of just read about it in a text book!! ...and so simple.


Root Beer Float Science

root beer float: solids, liquids, and gases - I bet we will use this for a science experiment one day!

Inner Child Funfrom Inner Child Fun

5 Simple Experiments with Water

5 Simple Experiments with Water. Easy experiments to set up. Kids can explore further and see the changes happen right in front of their eyes. Encourage older kids to come up with other simple water experiments.

Dissolving Peep experiment, fun to do at Halloween with Peep ghosts as part of Yucky Science week I'm doing this year!


Science Sparks

This website is FULL of experiments to do with kids - It's even got a "preschool science" section!

Kids Activities Blogfrom Kids Activities Blog

Salt and Water Experiment

Salt Water vs. Tap Water experiment - why do some things float in one, but not the other?

Creating your own rainstorm...this is so cool! All you need is a clear container, water, shaving cream, food coloring and droppers. Have kids make predictions by drawing what they see and think will happen.

I know it says that the experiments are for preschoolers, but I think kids of any age will enjoy them.

Buggy and Buddyfrom Buggy and Buddy

Science for Kids: Exploring the Surface Tension of Water with Paperclips

Experiment: How many paperclips can fit in a full glass of water?

Tornado in a Bottle: I think it’d be fun to also experiment with different sizes of bottles to see which make the best tornadoes! You could also try adding some food coloring, glitter, grass, or little objects like Monopoly houses to the water/soap mix for some additional experimentation! Okay, so there you have it, a really fun science toy! :)

The Artful Parentfrom The Artful Parent

Kids Science Experiments to Encourage Creativity

Artful Science Experiments Kids Can Do at Home