Baby heads


Vintage Doll Heads

Baby doll head eggs


mixed tapes!! and taping songs right off the radio! and putting paper in teh holes on the top of tape to tape over tape :)

Pol Bury: 16 Balls and 16 Cubes on 7 Shelves (1966).

Cement bleak - Isaac Cordal

Vintage pink novelty LUNG DISH ceramic ... sorry , but wouldn't this make an awesome ashtray. not so funny, but a bit :)

19th century pregnant dolls

Repetition of the heads of dolls. Eyes..... I just can't help it.. this row of doll heads creeps me out. weird huh?

Lisa Congdon - babies hands

Antique Blown Glass Doll Eyes.

vintage toys w/ cutie faces

Edward Scissor Hands Blythe

Old Wooden Doll

I like the idea of using many parts of one thing (a face) to create it again in a different layout or disguised

Kewpie dolls

I always did find traditional baby dolls rather boring…