giant tic-tac-toe game using a dollar store shower curtain, tape, and frisbees.

Make a Water Fight Kit!

DIY Outdoor Games - perfect for family fun all summer long!

Giant Connect Four! Take a shower curtain, spray paint it yellow and leave "holes" for the game pieces. Grab some plastic plates from the dollar tree and throw on Velcro on the back of the plates and where the holes are, then use Velcro to hang it from the wall each time you want to play. Kids loved it!


Family reunion game

I feel like I should hit up Dollar Tree for pool noodles now...this is awesome!

Fun outdoor activity to keep kids moving and busy. 20 30'or 36' PVC pipes - Lowe's 10' pole $1.78 ea 3 tomato cages - Lowe's factory painted :-) Zip ties, 1/4 yard clear vinyl fabric or shower curtain Ball Pit Balls, Spray paint (optional): Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow & Pink. Primer (optional) Make a giant outdoor kerplunk game from tomato cages - Design Dazzle!


Balloon Ping Pong

Kids Activities - How to make a Backyard Giant Game Board. Fun for outdoor parties.

oh this would be fun

GENIOUS!! Since most kids dump out the bottle of bubbles halfway through, this makes perfect sense...and you won't be too mad because it costs pennies.

Toddler pool idea I came up with when we couldn't find a baby pool at the beach... Clear shower curtain liner $3.00 Dig a shallow husband and his friend submerged the shower curtain in the ocean water then brought it back to the hole. you can also use sand buckets to husband also dug a trench on the outside of the hole so we could tuck in the corners and border of the left over shower curtain..then packed the top with kept the kids from pushing the border into the ...

Summer is the time to stay up late and play! We have been having lots of fun playing glow in the dark games and made glow in the dark Tic Tac Toe out of glow sticks!

Had great fun with this game. The whole family was laughing and tearing at the tape ball.

Lawn Twister game. This could be really fun for camp!

Homemade flubber for kids

How to make that PVC fort that's all over Pinterest. Reading nook for the classroom? So fun!

Glowing chalk- easy to make and so FUN!

Water Bottle Bubble Fun