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Lazy People Fact Omg so true...... I totally skimmed right over it. Haha

Hahaha that is hilarious!


Lol, this is awesome!


Who knew?

Hahahahaha!!! Amazing how Pinterest can suck you in... :)

OMG these are too good! What happens when Disney princesses text their princes. Via @MissMaceyMouse

Things I WOULD Wish Upon My Enemies Part II

Too funny!


its funny because its true

This is hilarious!!

It's true!

HAHA! Auto Correct gone wrong... so many of my friends now have nicknames thanks to autocorrect!

that's hilarious!: Like A Boss, Random Funny, Giggle, Funny Board, That S Hilarious, Funny Stuff, Funny Friends

this makes me giggle =) It's pretty close to my thought process when I realize I really need to shave my legs lol