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"Double shot. 80 proof. On the rock, until you lost it all and you can't go back..." Luke Bryan ♥

Gonna watch you make me fall in love - One of my favorite country lyrics ever! Love you Luke Bryan!

No matter how hard I try, you wont get out of my head, i found someone new but all i see is you. No matter how hard i try, i'll never be over you ♥ 11/12/13

now dance, like a dandellion in the wind on a hill underneath the pines. Yeah move like the river flows. Feel the kick drum down deep in your toes

"Play It Again" by Luke Bryan- my favorite song

What Country Is - Luke Bryan Makes me want my mama's homemade peach icecream :)

Second time I've posted this song...but I love it so much

Ain't gonna beg you to stay, ain't gonna ask you what's wrong. Ain't no reason runnin after somethin already gone...

gonna cuss the morning when it comes, 'cause i know that the rising sun ain't no good for me, 'cause you'll have to leave // luke bryan // i don't want this night to end

So get up up the hood of my daddy's tractor, up on the toolbox, it dont matter, down in the tail gate, girl I cant wait, to watch you do your thing!

Luke Bryan, drunk on you and high on summertime♥