Solar System Mini book

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Printable weather activity. Lovely for children. Let the learning begin!

Solar System Placemat (C2, W9)

solar system diorama idea

I think this is an amazing way to organize all of the information that students gather in the unit into a solar system lap book. This book identifies the order of the planets, inner and outer planets, certain vocabulary words, etc. This would be an excellent reference tool for students to have on hand throughout the unit. - KS

solar system printable book about the planets {free printable}

Printable kids stories

Free Solar System Printables Don't forget, Pluto :( has been down graded...only 8 planets

1+1+1=1...Solar System Preschool Pack

You know how we're an art family...: the solar system

My Book of Space Words Printable Book {free printable}

Solar System Facts for Kids With Free Printable

Outer Space: "We are the Planets," The Solar System Song by StoryBots LOVE IT! My 3 yr old loves storybots and knows all of her letters. She recently became very interested in planets and this is PERFECT! Great for the classroom too!!!

Solar System Printables and Activities

▶ THE PLANETS ♫ Solar System Song "We live in a solar system. In the center is the Sun. All the planets move around it. We've seen every single one orbiting the big, bright sun."

Free, printable solar system book and other astronomy resources for kids

Solar System Hat Activity for Kindergarten

Three’s the charm: Three ways to make a Solar System model (and a giveaway)

Fifth Grade Earth & Space Science Worksheets: Solar System Diagram Worksheet