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  • Kayla Porche

    solar system mini book 1 231x300 Solar System for Kids - has other sheets that go with this. Use for solar system mini book for notebooking journal.

  • Michelle

    Solar System Mini Book Page 1

  • Jessica Hughes

    Printable Solar System Mini Book This mini book about the planets in our Solar System is geared towards preschoolers, kindergartners and kids in 1st grade.

  • Being Mom & Loving Life

    Solar System book for kids

  • Deb West

    Free Printable Solar System Book Solar System for Kids | Classroom Jr.

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Who else used to love collecting bugs, crickets or butterflies when you were younger? This is a great activity to let your kids observe nature for a few hours then let their critters go back to their natural habitat.

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Our BEST selling item!!! 1st-4th $ Made by QR Queens Great for centers and early finishers. Such a fun way to learn with differentiation for students using technology!

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What Does Sound Look Like?

When something vibrates, it pushes particles of matter and causes them to compress. That compression then creates another next to it, and these compressions travel through matter as a wave of energy. These are sound waves. The sound waves travel through the air and to our ears and cause our eardrums to vibrate, helping us hear.

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Here's a HUGE packet of materials for studying the weather in K-3. Includes activities, experiments, and worksheets. Topics include water cycle, seasons, temperature, clouds, wind, hibernation, weather graphing, and much more!

Here is a fun video to get kids excited about science and math.... "NASA Johnson Style" ("Gangnam Style" Parody)

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