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DIY Savings account....Easy Money Saving Weekly Plan (Starts at Just One Dollar a Week and Adds Up FAST!)

MomsLifeboatfrom MomsLifeboat

26 Week Christmas Savings Plan - Start with $26 a week End with $1001 by Black Friday

26 Week Christmas Savings Plan – Start with $26 a week End with $1001 by Black Friday


52 Week Money Challenge: Save For A Better Year!

I'm taking Household Management 101's 52 Week Money Saving Challenge, which is a plan to save $1,404 painlessly over the course of a year. Includes a free printable!

Kids Activities Blogfrom Kids Activities Blog

50 Ways to Save Money this Year

Pinch those Pennies: 50 Tips to Be Frugal!

26-Week-Bi-Weekly-Money-Challenge because I get paid bi-weekly AND I will reverse it so if I quit halfway through I've still snowballed a lot savings.

MidgetMommafrom MidgetMomma

52 week Money Saving challenge

52 week money Saving Challenge! Save $1,378 in 52 weeks!

Saving by Designfrom Saving by Design

Take Back Your Life: Start a Savings Plan

I like this better than the $1 per each week of the year. Better balance of funds in any given month. Take Back Your Life: Start a Savings Plan

BuzzFeedfrom BuzzFeed

12 Insanely Easy Ways To Be The Adult Of Your Dreams

The best part of this is how much money you’ll also save.

POPSUGAR Smart Livingfrom POPSUGAR Smart Living

Easily Save $1,378 With the 52-Week Money Challenge

Super easy challenge to save $1,378 in 52 weeks! Comes with a free printable.

Creative Savingsfrom Creative Savings

Why You Need a Budget.....Yes, YOU

Budgets truly are the most powerful financial tool, and this post explains why EVERYONE needs to have one. Are you ready to start YOUR journey toward financial freedom?


How I Use Envelopes to Save and Organize My Money

How I Use Envelopes to Save and Organize My Money! Perfect for a New Years Resolution!

Midwest Modern Mommafrom Midwest Modern Momma

52 Week Savings Challenge

Save over $1300 with this easy Weekly Savings Challenge! Start the 52 week savings plan this payday or at the start of the new month!

saving your $5 bills throughout the year, i like this idea :) the five-dollar savings plan. It goes like this: Every time you find yourself with a five-dollar bill in your possession, you set it aside instead of spending it. At the end of the year, you use the money you've saved for either a big purchase or to do something you wouldn't normally spend the money to do. Love this. I'm doing this 2013 maybe use it for christmas money

Premeditated Leftoversfrom Premeditated Leftovers

How To Trick Yourself Into Saving Money

How to Trick Yourself into Saving Money - Easy ways to save money that add up. #save #money

The Peaceful Momfrom The Peaceful Mom

New Series: Living on Less than $28,000 A Year (pt.1

How this family of six thrives on less than 28,000 dollars a year. Great budgeting ideas.

the Better Momfrom the Better Mom

107 Ways to Save Your Family Money - BIG TIME!

Saving Money