i love flowering vines... beautifully climbing around rustic window


Summer Fantasy Photography | http://www.pinterest.com/oddsouldesigns/summer-love/ #ivy #window

Window - Cambridge Vines, Cambridge, England photo via monique - Find Photography Images for Pinterest


Dear old door...

Old door and lock with beautiful patina

pretty flowers in an old window

Kinzig Design Lucia Table Lamp #LGLimitlessDesign & #Contest

aqua color & texture combined with metals & rust

heart shaped window

Paris style Green window on the Upper West side in New York

Pretty Colours!

MAISON de BALLARD: When One Door Closes... Beautiful Doors From Around the World posted by Joanie Ballard via rhballard.blogspot.com. This door is almost the smallest part of the design but it is beautifully carved and incorporated into an unusual facade. Stained glass elements throughout.

via: carasposa. - Imgend

The Rustic Chic Gardens of Jean-Loup Daraux



Barn Window / Photography Print

Pretty colors, great texture