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Tips to remove some of Charlotte's wall art

This site has a removal for every stain imaginable!

28 More Free Printables for Wall Art • Little Gold Pixel

Permanent Marker Removal Tips

WD-40 removes crayon marks from just about any surface.

Sprinkle baking soda on a damp sponge to remove crayon from paint!

Make your own large custom wall decals, and they’re removable!

Use a hairdryer to remove sticky labels @Edie Schwaab Faulhaber

cute wall art...

How To Accessorize Your Home Like A Pro (great tips and lots of examples!) gray walls

crayon and coloring book to go

10 Paint Secrets: tips & tricks you never knew about paint!

A veteran painting contractor shares his secrets for painting walls fast, yet producing first-rate results. You can easily master these techniques too, and get a professional-looking finish.

This is life changing!

Picture wall ideas.

Remove gunk from the soleplate of an iron: With the setting on low, rub the iron over the dryer sheet until the residue disappears, and you're left with a pristine press.

I'm definitely going to make this -- Pad of paper and crayons on the go pack

Clean your sink drain.

NEVER BUY A DRYER SHEET AGAIN! Best part: no chemicals, and you can use the same ball of foil for 6 months. All you have to do is take aluminum foil, ball it up, and place it in the dryer with wet clothes. It will remove static + it does NOT need to be changed each time. Make sure it is about the size above and ball it up tightly .


The only stain remover you will ever need!