I loved my Pitiful Pearl doll.

Beautiful Chrissy Doll (she grew hair, and had a knob in her back to roll the hair back into her head). Unfortunately I didn't understand that her hair didn't literally grow back. She became my short-haired red headed doll after a day of playing beauty shop.


LOVED THESE. Made the doctor's office a little less awful.

1959 original Barbie doll LOVED her!!!

Betsy McCall

Miss Revlon Doll 1957

TOPPER: 1970 Dawn Doll #Vintage #Toys Still have it and some of her friends. I loved these when they came out. I had several of Dawn and her friends, clothes and the case. I enjoyed these dolls. I think this is the very first one I ever had.

Betsy McCall , paper doll , printable

Felt doll with Kids International Folk Art Market, Santa Fe NM Erkebu Djumagulova - Kyrgyzstan

Angela Cartwright dolls

Poor Pitiful Pearl doll vintage dolls

Lennon Sisters paper dolls

Chatty Cathy... 1961


Poor Pitiful Pearl doll

13.5" Molded Hair 1950s Tiny Tears Doll

My Bride Doll had black hair.

Baby Tender Love